Why are women so awful???

The best job I ever had was when I worked for the Navy. I was one of 2 civilian clerk typists, the only women in the office full of men.  She and I were two of a kind and we got along famously from the very beginning.   Our office consisted of the two of us and 12 men, both civilian and Naval Officers with all manner of others coming and going throughout the days. I worked in Foreign Military Sales so not only were our officers coming and going through the office, we had several officers from allied countries stationed at our base as well. UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, among others. Men…. in uniform……. with accents!!!! I was in heaven!

Needless to say…. I LOVED IT!!! It was irreverent and funny and all the men, both civilian and military, were of 3 different generations and they would talk about their military service from WWII, Vietnam and Korea (this was the early-mid 80’s) and the stories were always fascinating.  It amazed me how much work we managed to get done every day when it all seemed like so much fun.  We were always laughing about something or other.  It was the best working environment I have ever worked in.  It’s been over 25 years since I left that office and no matter where I’ve worked since then I have never been that happy going to work.

The reason is very simple.  It’s the last time I worked predominantly with men.  Ever since then, every place I have worked has been populated with women.  And I am not shy to say….without hesitation….that I really HATE working with women, mainly because, for the most part, I don’t like women all that much. Yeah, I know, I am a woman but I have never really understood women.  You would think that women would be understanding and open to other women.  You would think they would understand the trials, problems and worries of women and do their best to ease their way.  You know….sister to sister?

Ummmmmm nah!!  Women are nothing like that.  They are catty, selfish, two-faced and often times, generally awful. If a man doesn’t like you, you usually know it up front and he doesn’t have to like you to work with you. A woman, on the other hand, will be your best friend to your face and stab you in the back faster than you can blink once you turn away.  If you manage to have some good fortune, instead of being happy for you they’re looking for some reason for why it was you instead of them.  They love drama, love to wallow in it.  They will decide they don’t like someone simply for the way she looks or because she makes more money or because she goes out with some guy they lust after.  Whatever.  It doesn’t even matter what it is, as long as it’s something they can glom onto and never let go.

Now, into this realm of insanity comes social media.  A place made in heaven for these women.  A place for them to spread their manure without fear of retribution.  A place where pseudonyms and fake IDs flourish and ugliness is becoming more and more prevalent.  Now these women can gossip and pontificate all they want behind a veil of secrecy.  And because of that, they can multiply geometrically and spread their vile crap far and wide.   One person can open dozens of Twitter accounts under different names and all of a sudden…wow… look at that… she has dozens of followers who all think just like she does.  Wow…that’s amazing isn’t it?? *eyeroll*

Now, of course, I don’t know for sure that it’s all women who do these things and I do know many many wonderful women out there who hate what goes on as much as I do.  I also know there are more of us then there are of the trolls.  The problem is, negative, awful, horrendous women tend to be louder than we are.  They post more often, pretty much constantly and spread their venom in what seems like a never ending stream.  So it looks and sounds like there are more of them than us.  Also, we, being mature women with good friends and happy lives simply don’t have the time to sit on twitter all day and all night trying to counter these lunatics.  WE HAVE LIVES!!!  We also tend to blow these women off as useless and a waste of time, which, of course, they are.  I personally see very little of this nonsense these days because once I see a troll, I block her.  End of the line for you babe!  But, they on the other hand, will find one of us, usually some other woman with a degree of fame or good fortune and turn their guns on that person with a vengeance generally making her life hell.  Why?  Because she DARES to have the life they want and can’t have.  It is sick!

Why can’t women just be happy when another woman has something good?  Yes, I would love to have the life some of those I follow on Twitter have but you know what?   My life is pretty damn good all on its own.  I may not live in paradise.  I may not work with wonderful creative people.  I may not make a ton of money.  I may not get to kiss the object of my little private fantasy.  But I have a wonderful home, a fantastic, loving husband, a smart, beautiful daughter and an online Ohana I cherish.  I am content!

I honestly feel sorry for the trolls.  It’s apparent they are not happy people.  I pity them.  Doesn’t mean I want to have anything to do with them however.  Thank goodness for whoever at Twitter invented the BLOCK button!


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